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  1. ghazalkashani Feb 15, 2016

    Quote by reesha It's ok for late replies. We can be busy at times.
    and Yup, I celebrate Chinese New Year XD
    Basically I am happy with other celebrations too as there are holidays. :D
    The same goes with the other people I supposed.

    I rarely hang out in MT and I only come here once in a while to check messages.

    That's great, since you have started vectoring. I have yet mastered the skills. It is challenging and takes time.
    Glad that you are enjoying it.
    Perhaps you can show me your work once you have done some?

    Good luck to you in your exam and hope that you are able to do well.

    Sorry that it took me a while to reply, was busy with cleaning and preparing for new year.
    I managed to clear lots of boxes with unwanted papers and books inside. O.O
    Still, lots of cleaning to do and I will get things done before going back to work.

    Take care and glad to hear from you, Ghazal.

    Hello Reesha :D
    missed you and happy belated Valentine's day to you <3
    yeah we can special yourself :) because you have many works to do and your studies as well!
    awww that's good but yeah you need some free times.
    hahaha yeah I guess but just give me one holiday and I'll get 100% lazy >w<

    yeah I know but I really appreciate you for coming back in MT to reply me Reesha! :)
    I started but sadly stopped vectoring when my exams started and.....still didn't start it either and yeah you are mastered! XD
    it takes many time until knowing all the things about vectoring and if I find time for practicing, I will show you mine one day in the future.

    thank you very much Reesha and I did the best for all my exams with good grades this semester :)
    no problem by your late replies
    awww again? XD last year you were cleaning and clearing many papers and other stuff as well but hope and wishing you the best luck in new year as well.
    wow! you really looking super busy! hope you had someone to help you with cleaning stuff as well.

    wished we could be able to chat with each other in other places as well but thank you and looking forward for catching your next reply ;)
    take care of yourself as well <3

  2. ghazalkashani Jan 03, 2016

    Quote by reesha

    Quote by ghazalkashani hello Reesha it's been centuries didn't see you! :)
    I hope you are doing well n healthy busy friend! hehehe

    Hi, Ghazal.

    Did you send me a message a few weeks ago?
    I haven't log in to MT till yesterday for a while. XD

    I am still alive. No worries. Hehe

    It has been centuries indeed.
    I am fine. Managed to finish my dissertation.
    Exams and an academic paper to write and I am done.

    What bout you?
    Doing good lately? Have you been doing anything interesting?

    Glad to hear from you.


    omg! Reeshaaaa! been more than a century! xD
    we're been living in another galaxy now! hahaha
    oh really sorry I should say "Hello" at the beginning ;)

    yea sent it to you long ago and you sent me this long ago too but I replied you pretty late as well! sorry for that
    I'm not coming in here lot either but this is the only place we can chat! =3=
    awwww don say that!

    I am glad you are fine and hope everything went well for you and your studies as well!
    Happy belated new Year too Reesha but.....ummm...I think you are celebrating Chinese New Year right?

    I am doing fine, my classes finished and just have to study for my final exams so I will be able to have more free time again maybe!
    hmmm.....anything interesting......well I started learning vectoring! XD
    so this is Really interesting hahaha

    hope to hear from you soon again and take care Reesha! :)

  3. ghazalkashani Nov 09, 2015

    hello Reesha it's been centuries didn't see you! :)
    I hope you are doing well n healthy busy friend! hehehe

  4. agent-Achika Oct 09, 2015

    Gd Morning Reesha!
    -Hows it goin?
    -Long time no see.
    Remember me?
    -We spoke a while ago.
    -Hows college goin?
    Graduated yet?
    -Been reading any
    new exciting novels
    Do U read manga at all?
    -How was your Summer?
    -Do ya have a smartphone?
    -Discovered any new
    unknown music bands
    or solo artist?
    pls reply asap.
    thanx for reading :)

  5. ghazalkashani May 10, 2015

    Quote by reesha Hi. It is indeed a long time. sorry :(

    Headache is bad. I hate it when it comes. urgghhh

    I am fine. Finishing my assignments this week and gonna study for finals.

    Studying is not easy, like u said. I agree.

    I am crazy when it comes to my studies. However, I am looking forward to relax a bit on this coming semester break.

    Hello Reesha and no problem about your lately cause I know how much you have things to do :(
    you really need a rest!

    I know and I hate it too but sometimes they happen when we are not having enough rest as well right? so you have to take some rest more :3

    glad to hear you are fine and this is good but Good Luck for your finals Reesha! I pray for your success :D

    hehe I knooooow don worry but hey! Smile! XD
    I know what you mean and hope you will find alil more time for resting for your semester break :)
    take care of yourself too and hope to see you around here more!

  6. ghazalkashani May 02, 2015

    Quote by reesha HI o/ How are you? Hope that you are doing fine.

    It has been a while and sorry that I have been too busy. Studying is not as easy as I thought O.O

    Hello Reesha! long long time no see!
    I am not bad but having a headache is killing me again, how about you?
    I am doing nothing these days but thank you and hope you are doing well.

    no problem about lately and true studying is not easy at all cause I still didn't start it ugh
    how about you Reesha? but honestly how can you study this much?! x____X'

  7. ghazalkashani Feb 25, 2015

    Quote by reesha Thanks, Ghazal. XD

    Have a nice day to you. :)

    you are Very WELCOME my dear friend :)

    awww....thank you Reesha and wish to see you more like before in here again because you are always welcome :D

  8. ghazalkashani Feb 21, 2015

    wish for you the best birthday EVER my dear friend :)

  9. ghazalkashani Feb 21, 2015

    wish for you the best birthday EVER my dear friend :)

  10. ghazalkashani Jan 23, 2015

    Quote by reesha Hi, Ghazal.

    lolz...10 years! Wow..that is a long time. XD

    i am waiting for the result and kinda nervous.
    Hope I get to do well.

    Yup. Free time for a month. At last!

    Hmm...nothing new from me. Spending time clearing my stuff and sleeping. XD

    What bout u? Doing anything new lately?

    haha hi hi :D

    I guess it's not that long but you were off for a while Reesha! but I'm glad to see you here again
    I'd love to see your walls here again :(

    I'm hoping the same for you my friend and that's good to hear :D
    a free time for a month it looks good so you have to enjoy it

    hey that's not bad! you found time to take more rest now
    and my exams finished last week, well....I didn't do them well and this made me mad :(
    I really don know what to do and new.....well I'm trying my best to be a driver haha so I guess it will be fun

    and hope you had a good day too :)

  11. ghazalkashani Jan 21, 2015

    Quote by reesha Hi...thanks for the greetings.

    Happy New Year to you and I am still alive. XD

    Had a few busy weeks (or months) for exam and stuff.

    Now, I am free once again till I start my new semester. XD

    hello Reesha :D
    haha you are very welcome

    oh! I'm glad to see you again after ten years!
    but don say that XD
    you are alive ad you will and hope you did well by your exams and stuff :3

    oh! that's a good news! I'm glad to see you have more free times now haha
    by the way how are you after that while? anything new for new year? :D

  12. ghazalkashani Dec 25, 2014

    Merry Christmas Reesha and been so long no see ya

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