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  1. ghazalkashani 2d 15h ago

    Quote by reesha Hi, Ghazal.

    You are welcome and all the best to you, my friend.

    Well, I am not very good at memorizing and I prefer application based on the theories.
    I am bad when it comes to numbers. =.=
    No idea what I was doing with the Advanced Maths and Physics during that time.

    Thanks, Ghazal.
    My work can be pretty tiring at times as I deal with, well, teenagers.
    They can be both good and annoying at the same time.
    And thanks for the wishes. Good luck to you in your studies too.

    Lol. The year of the horse. Hmmm...I dunno.
    I am not that superstitious. But, I do hope that every year can be a good one.
    We need to be positive, eh. XD

    We need a break. That's why, I can be a lil lazy when it comes with dealing with certain things.
    Haha...But, work is work. I put that as my priority.

    It is great to hear from you again.
    I will reply as fast as I can. No worries.

    Looking forward to see u soon!

    Hello Reesha-joon XD

    Ohh...thank you so much my dear friend xD

    Aww...haha i know what you mean But persians are better at memorizing numbers lol
    Haha Oh i really don want to remember How i felt by math and physic in high school lol

    O///O y-you are more than a welcome and i know plus i'll be a teacher too
    But Hope non of the students will not annoy you ;)
    Oh you are very very welcome and thank you so much xD

    Haha But i think i'm superstitious
    Cause i believe lots of things =w=''

    Yea! We really need that break cause uni KILL me TwT
    And haha i know How you feel after work lol
    But the cool party is we'll be lazy even don feel to answer messages too lol

    Thank you for everything Reesha and really SORRY for MY last reply cause it took more than a week to answer it :(
    But really sorry about that

    Wish to see you more and Hope you're fine plus alil lazy xD

    Take care and Hope to see you soon

  2. ghazalkashani 1wk 4d ago

    Hello Reesha xD

    Thank you so much for remembering my birth date my dear :)

    Oh my thank YOU sooo...much and i wish for you the best in everything my dear XD

    Well i'M alil weak at memorizing and answering But i'M better at solving
    And yea had real hard days in high school TwT

    Aww...its really CUTE cause you're a teacher and i praise you for it
    Reesha-joon i really know How teachers feel with students and i wish for you the best in your real hard career my dear :)

    OMG! Thank you so much xD
    Happy new year to you too
    Hope me and you have a cool year
    But do you think the year of horse is good?

    Oh haha do all the cool teachers too lazy when they have a break? Lol

    I'M waiting for your messages every week my dear
    Take care and really SORRY for late reply TwT

  3. ghazalkashani 3wk 5d ago

    Quote by reesha hey, ghazal.

    June 20. Alright. I will remember it and greet you. XD

    I will. There are tons of stuff for me to do and I shall try some action games when I can manage it.

    Lolz. Nay, it doesn't matter.
    People are busy from time to time and we should find time to talk to the people we know.

    And ghazal, you have to. Since time is precious and it is very fast when you are still studying.

    Ahh..physics! You must be good on that.
    Mine is pretty bad. I tend to fail this subject in high school.
    Oh gosh. XP

    I major in English. So, now, I am working in school which means I am a teacher. XD

    Now, my holiday is here and at last, i manage to reply you.

    Take care and see ya o/

    Hello Reesha xD
    OMG its been a real time no see you :C
    Wish to see you more
    Btw yes its on June xD and thank you for remembering it
    Much appreciate it my dear friend :)

    Aww...wish for you to find more free time and good choose for playing xD
    Plus you're right friends are friends even they don message us xD

    Oh you're right TwT i want to do my best in studying and getting best points on what i'm studying there for my future
    Btw physic looks good and i like math too cause I am more better to solve puzzles

    But don say that Dx
    I failed some of them But start studying them again to pass them

    You are a teacher XD
    I want you to teach me
    I wanna a lovely teacher like you Reesha TwT

    Oh cool its your holiday Hope you'll enjoy it
    And its new year here now and today is the second day of spring here xD

    Thank you and wish to see you more
    Take care o/

  4. ghazalkashani 5wk 5d ago

    Quote by reesha Hi, Ghazal. ^^

    Ya, I do remember that you told me that you will send me a birthday greeting. XD

    Anyway, may I know your birthday as well? I can't remember if you've told me.

    Hmmmm....think I must have forgotten most probably. sigh..

    Yup,I do heard that Steam is good. I am waiting for my break to try out some free games there.

    I am always too busy or lazy to get things started. Too much distraction in life I guess.

    Perhaps I should send aki a message. Since it has been a while. We know how time flies.XP

    and Ghazal, you should enjoy your life now before you start working. XP

    What are you majoring by the way? XD

    Hope to hear from you soon,my friend. Take care ^^

    Hi Hi Hi my dear friend Reesha lol

    Oh you remembered lol
    Thats awesome But if you remember that i sent you when it was my birthday and you greeted me too xD
    Its june 20 xD

    LOL try some real cool action ones when you find some free time my dear
    But i know How you feel after work :(

    Eh? You WANNA DO THIS?!
    But why not him send you my dear :(
    He is too cold ;P
    But send him lol

    Btw you are right and i have to enjoy my youth and freedom before working lol
    Thank you xD
    And i'm studying physic in university T.T

    I wish to see you more Reesha-joon
    Cause i miss you so hardly TwT
    And you too take care my dear :D

  5. ghazalkashani 7wk 1d ago

    Quote by reesha Thanks for the Birthday wishes, Ghazal.
    It was a surprise for me. haha.
    And I am getting old. xd rofl

    Arigatou Ne! XD

    Ah..steam...I've yet to check that out and perhaps I will try it once my break starts next month. XD

    Aki is on STEAM? Wow...I never know that. I rarely talk to him lately.

    Lol, work is sucks, as usual..with the long hours, but, we need money to live. So, no choice xd.

    You are welcome as always, Ghazal.

    And I will try to be here as much as possible. No worries. XP

    Lol you are very welcome Reesha
    Haha if you remember that i told you when your birthday comes i will send you a greeting or felicitation xD

    Eh? We all getting old my friend and yourwelcome xD

    Well i can say Steam is good and i will join there when get a high speed interest xD
    Haha you will go on your breaks again lol cool
    But i CANT wait for new year xD

    Haha you should talk to him or He send you a message for talk X.X
    Hahaha indeed indeed xD
    Soon i will work and feel all of these pains LOL
    Thanks Reesha Hope to see you more like old times xD

  6. ghazalkashani 7wk 5d ago

    Hi Hi Reesha !
    Oh i didnt check calendar TT.TT
    I know its late But
    Happy birthday to YOU
    Happy birthday to YOU
    Happy birthday dear Reesha
    Happy birthday to YOU lol

  7. ghazalkashani 8wk 0d ago

    Quote by reesha Hi,Ghazal o/

    Well, my new year was good. Visited some relatives and we gathered around for fun and some catching up mostly.

    Plus, I get to sleep more. rofl.

    Who doesn't like holiday anyway? haha.

    And is time to go back to work and I am counting down to next holiday. XD

    I must be celebrating a long new year, ghazal.

    Ahh...I heard bout Metal Gear Solid and Amnesia.

    But, I hardly play games as it is difficult for me to get original games and downloading online can be risky because of the fake torrent and virus. O.O

    Plus, working stops me from playing. =.=

    Good to hear that you are having fun with the games.

    See you around! Great to hear from you as always XD

    Hi Hi my dear Reesha xD
    Long time But real long time no see TwT
    Miss you alot my friend

    Oh really? XD
    This is awesome lol visiting relatives and go out with them is really awesome xD

    Aww...this is bad Dx
    But yea only 28 days until new year here xD
    I am so excited lol
    Hmm...i see
    But you know that Akiranyo is in STEAM and this is a real great site
    I'd like to join But my internet is sucks TwT is sucks too xD

    Thank you alot Reesha-joon
    Hope to see you more like last times my dear friend Take care xD

  8. ghazalkashani 9wk 6d ago

    Quote by reesha Thanks, ghazal XD

    I was busy with the celebration and later back to work.

    That's why it took me a while to get back to you. Sorry. XD

    Wow, you mean you love the chinese culture?
    It has a long history and pretty interesting.

    How bout your culture? Perhaps I could learn something from you. ^^

    Good to hear that you are doing well.

    What game are you playing by the way?
    Anything interesting and new?

    I am fine...just that working life can be busy and i miss being a student. rofl

    Hope to hear from you soon. XD

    XD you are welcome Reesha-joon XD

    Oh don apology >___<
    Cause it was your new year and you was busy with the celebrating
    Btw How was your new year? XD

    Oh and you know i can be gone about a month or 2 weeks for the new year lol XD

    Yea i really like china
    And getting more like it when i played SLEEPING DOGS
    This game was about a chiny american guy
    Who's Name is WEI :3
    And He went to HongKong for his sister xD
    But she was died TwT
    Poor Wei
    Hmm...about my culture Ok
    I will tell you next time
    Cause i have to think about it first =.=''

    Well about game
    I'm playing Metal Gear Solid 4
    Its a real good game :3
    And if i really feel to play i will play Amnesia lol

    Aww... Happy to hear that you are fine
    And busy again TwT
    Hope you find more time for more holidays xD
    *sighs* yea we all was a student one day TwT are too kind thank you xD

  9. ghazalkashani 10wk 5d ago

    Quote by reesha Indeed. The air is polluted nowadays, which is bad.

    I'm ok now as I applied ticker cream. It helps to protect my skin. XD

    Yup. Chinese New Year. This year is the year of horse and last year was snake.

    Lolz...I am indeed lazy lately. But, I still try my best to reply.

    How are you, by the way?

    Doing anything new lately?

    Indeed TwT
    But we have to protect our natures :3

    Oh this is really good, you did a great job for protecting your skin lol

    Happy chinese new year XD lol
    I LOVE china alot TwT
    Ah so this is right last year was The Year Of Snake lol
    But for me its still a year Of Snake lol
    But it will fin next month :3

    No problems with late replies Reesha-joon
    Btw thanks for asking
    I'm fine and my exams end
    And new things were i finished another game and draw new characters

    How are you lately ? XD

  10. reesha 10wk 6d ago

    Posted on my own page instead...a mistake...i can't delete..just edit it. O.o

  11. ghazalkashani 11wk 4d ago

    Quote by reesha I see...too bad that your city won't snow due to the warm weather.

    The wind here is kinda cold and dry. Gives me dry skin and it is annoying.

    And the holiday, it is Chinese New Year and I actually get 4 days off from work.

    I am lazy, always counting down to holidays. XD

    Anyway, hope that your exam goes well and don't be too stress.

    Do what you like and be happy.

    And, Yup...I will reply.Just that I might be late.

    Thanks, I will enjoy my holiday. ^^

    Yea and the season is the polluted plus oil companies :C

    Aw... XD happy to you and more careful about your skin ;D

    Oh really? Chinese new xD
    Is it the year of snake or it was last year ? Lol
    Aww...i know have you feel cause i'm counting these days for next months new year lol
    Hahaha its really alot for counting X.X

    Thank you so much Reesha-joon xD

    Yea you replied real late cause you was lazy and yourwelcome
    Wish you a great holiday and new year :3

  12. ghazalkashani 12wk 3d ago

    Quote by reesha
    Sitting for exams can be stressful and i hope that you are doing well in the other papers.

    Good luck to you XD

    Did it snow at your place?

    Hope that you get to see it.

    And it is fine for the late reply. I am late too, most of the time.

    I am and getting ready for the lunar new year celebration.

    I am looking forward to the holidays, as usual.

    Yea But not alot
    I'm controlling myself againts the stress
    And thank you so much my friend xDDD...

    Yea it snowed But too bad the city that i live on it have a hot weather T.T
    And the snows didnt work
    Btw i'm on winter lol

    Aw...we both was late But don care about late replies because i know you will answer me ;D
    Happy to hear that
    And what's this holiday about ?
    Hope you have a great holiday Reesha-joon xD