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  1. ghazalkashani 8wk 4d ago

    Quote by reesha Thanks, Ghazal. XD

    Have a nice day to you. :)

    you are Very WELCOME my dear friend :)

    awww....thank you Reesha and wish to see you more like before in here again because you are always welcome :D

  2. ghazalkashani 9wk 0d ago

    wish for you the best birthday EVER my dear friend :)

  3. ghazalkashani 9wk 0d ago

    wish for you the best birthday EVER my dear friend :)

  4. ghazalkashani 13wk 1d ago

    Quote by reesha Hi, Ghazal.

    lolz...10 years! Wow..that is a long time. XD

    i am waiting for the result and kinda nervous.
    Hope I get to do well.

    Yup. Free time for a month. At last!

    Hmm...nothing new from me. Spending time clearing my stuff and sleeping. XD

    What bout u? Doing anything new lately?

    haha hi hi :D

    I guess it's not that long but you were off for a while Reesha! but I'm glad to see you here again
    I'd love to see your walls here again :(

    I'm hoping the same for you my friend and that's good to hear :D
    a free time for a month it looks good so you have to enjoy it

    hey that's not bad! you found time to take more rest now
    and my exams finished last week, well....I didn't do them well and this made me mad :(
    I really don know what to do and new.....well I'm trying my best to be a driver haha so I guess it will be fun

    and hope you had a good day too :)

  5. ghazalkashani 13wk 3d ago

    Quote by reesha Hi...thanks for the greetings.

    Happy New Year to you and I am still alive. XD

    Had a few busy weeks (or months) for exam and stuff.

    Now, I am free once again till I start my new semester. XD

    hello Reesha :D
    haha you are very welcome

    oh! I'm glad to see you again after ten years!
    but don say that XD
    you are alive ad you will and hope you did well by your exams and stuff :3

    oh! that's a good news! I'm glad to see you have more free times now haha
    by the way how are you after that while? anything new for new year? :D

  6. ghazalkashani 17wk 2d ago

    Merry Christmas Reesha and been so long no see ya

  7. agent-Achika 24wk 0d ago

    Gd afternoon Reesha!
    -I am fine.
    Thank you for asking.
    -It doesn't matter if your
    replies are late as hell.
    Just as long ya reply as a
    whole is whats important.
    Granted a response w/in a week
    would be great but since life keeps
    us busy then delays are to be expected.
    I know that ppl here are super busy
    due to lifes challenges so its fine.
    I appreciate ur consideration though.
    -What genre of manga & anime series
    do you enjoy the most & why?
    -Whats your career choice & why?
    -Mine is already explained in the
    boxes I have on my UPS.
    Matter fact deets on me are
    all in those 3 boxes.
    If ya have any questions
    after viewing them then by all
    means feel free to ask.
    -Ever traveled outside of Malaysia?
    -Have any favorite deserts?
    Foreign ones can be included lol.
    -I ♥ reading a lot myself.
    Outside of manga series; I tend to lean
    more towards thrillers/action/drama
    fiction novel series.
    They're very entertaining to read.
    I have a short attention span so any
    novel or manga for that matter
    which can keep me wanting more
    is a plus in my book.
    -Do you cook or bake?
    -Ever attended an anime
    festival or expo?
    -Seen any new 2014 films yet?
    Pls reply.

  8. agent-Achika 27wk 1d ago

    Gd morning Reesha!
    Its nice to meet you.
    My name is Achika :)
    -How are U?
    -Ur wallies are rly amazing.
    -How long have ya
    been making them?
    -I only ask bcuz ur SO talented.
    -Do ya have any other cool hobbies atm?
    -Been here on MT long?
    -Do ya read mangas or American comix at all?
    -Listen to music?
    -Seen any new movies lately?
    -Watch anime OVA's, series, or films?
    -In college or trade school?
    -My intention is NOT to annoy U w/this
    questionaire lol I am jus curious is all.
    -Hope ya don't mind reading this.
    -Thanx for reading this
    random GBP during ur busy schedule.
    Pls reply & thanx & have a great day.

  9. lisz 28wk 4d ago

    Thanks for the fave :3 !

  10. ghazalkashani 44wk 0d ago

    Quote by reesha Hi, Ghazal!

    It's ok and it is great to hear from you again after a while. XD

    As I said, I will reply as soon as I can though I can be rather busy due to work.

    Work is as usual and i just had my break a while ago. XD
    So, how are you? How bout your classes?
    Good luck to you.

    I didn't get to wall and I managed to do some blogging though.
    Hmm...i watched movies and hang out with my friends most of the time.
    I can't remember what I was doing, seriously. O.O

    And...Happy Birthday! XD
    Hope I get the date correct. hehe

    Looking forward to hear from you soon. See ya o/

    hello Reesha XD

    yea it's a real while but glad to here about you as well :)

    oh no you replied me too fast really lol
    aww...wish for you the best at work my dear friend :) then your breaks ended too bad :(

    I am fine and classes finished only have to work with exams and then I'm free lol
    and thank you so much
    btw how was your breaks?

    haha it's ok but hanging out is more cooler than sitting somewhere and making a wall believe me cause I was mad without my friends whole those times I spent without internet :(

    wow I knew you'll remember my b-day thank you so much XD
    and everything was CORRECT lol

    me too, take care and hope to see you soon ;)

  11. ghazalkashani 44wk 3d ago

    Quote by reesha Hi, Ghazal.

    It's ok for the late reply. I do that at times too. XP

    I am busy with work again and am looking forward to the coming break in a few weeks' time.

    And classes can be insane in university. I know how it feels.

    Lolz...I do hope that I can wall. I have way too many things to do at work and by the time I am free, I am too lazy to use PS.
    Still, I will try. :D

    Thanks, Ghazal.
    I enjoy making cute walls. They are for myself and I will share them here.

    Hope to see you around! :3
    Take care.

    hello Reesha and really really sorry for my real real reeeeeeal late reply cause i didn't have internet for a while :(
    haha i guess my reply just take alil long time this time lol

    and hope things are fine over there plus hope you are on your breaks right now and enjoy some free time without pupils :)
    haha i guess my insanity returns with classes again lol

    lol I see and know how much you are nusy but the walls you make for yourself are cute and lovely but wish to see more of them again ;)

    you are very welcome and sorry again for late reply plus hope to see and talk to you soon
    take care

  12. ghazalkashani 51wk 3d ago

    Quote by reesha Hi.

    I did reply early last week, since I was not distracted by other work.

    I am looking forward to this week as I only need to work for 3 days and there will be public holidays and extra breaks along the week, which is awesome.

    Up to anything lately, Ghazal?

    I just got my hands on photoshop 2 and it works well with my laptop. I am thankful for my friend for telling me that we can get legal free version. However, I've yet test it and perhaps this week I will make a simple wall. XD
    It has been a long long time, anyway.

    Yup, no worries. I will reply you when I can.

    See you around and take care. XD

    Hello Reesha :3

    And really SORRY for my late reply TwT

    Oh haha really? Then that was the reason
    And this is AWESOME XDDDDD...
    Hope you'll enjoy this free times xD

    Well i'm just too busy with classes every week :C
    They are like real pain lately TwT
    And stopped me for LOTS of things

    Thanks to your friend cause i badly missed your walls Reesha TwT
    Your walls are simple But beautiful and i'm waiting to see them after that long long time lol

    Thank you alot and Hope to see you soon
    Take care